Apple delivers a poignant (and pointed) seasonal message of unity

In Apple’s Christmas ad, Frankenstein’s monster finds acceptance in a small town community

The commercial opens on what we must assume to be (it’s called Frankie’s Holiday after all) Frankenstein’s monster, alone in his mountain lair/cottage, recording his music box on his iPhone. A package arrives, Frankie (yes, pedants, Frankenstein was the name of the creator not of the monster itself, we know, we know) heads into town. What’s in the box? Why, it’s a green lightbulb which Frankie screws into his neck to create, along with a red bulb on the other side, his own Christmas light show.

At this point, you might expect the villagers to reach for the pitchforks and flaming torches but, thanks to one little girl, they all sing along with Frankie to signal their acceptance of this outwardly scary stranger into their midst. Endline: ‘Open your heart to everyone’.

With American society seemingly hell-bent on ripping itself apart, there’s a pretty obvious message here. Interestingly, Amazon has also attempted to appeal for unity and understanding in its Christmas spot featuring a priest and an imam.

The ad’s pretty sugary for British tastes and, personally, anything that combines Frankenstein and singing will always remind me of this piece of genius from Mel Brooks and the late great Gene Wilder, but the message is welcome nonetheless.

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