Why is everyone hating on Apple’s new ad?

Apple’s new iPad Pro ad sees a series of items crushed, to demonstrate the creative power of the new tablet. It has provoked ire across social media – Ben Kay examines why

Have you seen the new iPad commercial? It’s the one where cameras, pianos and tchotchkes are crushed flat in a metaphorical illustration of how much great stuff you can fit in the new, thinner iPad Pro. It’s simple, beautifully shot, and full of little moments of wit and charm. So far, so Apple.

So why is my Twitter timeline full of people who really don’t like it? @AdamSinger writes: “This ad is an (unintentional) perfect metaphor for today’s creative dark age: compress organic instruments, joyful/imperfect machines, tangible art, our entire physical reality into a soulless, postmodern, read-only device a multi-trillion $ corporation controls what you do with.”

@clairestricket was even more succinct: “Imagine a machine, stamping on human creativity – forever.”

I find this fascinating. In 2014 I was the creative lead on the launch of the iPad Air, so I’ve basically tackled the exact same brief (loads of stuff in a thin device), and I can tell you that our solution was nowhere near as memorable, original or simple as this one. But we also failed to inspire this degree of vitriol.