Apple Watch releases a new series of short ads, emphasising functionality

Apple has today launched a series of cute new product-demo style ads for the Apple Watch. But do they do enough to make you want to buy one?

When the Apple Watch launched back in April, early ads for the product attempted to position it as a luxury fashion item. A 12-page spread of ads appeared in the March issue of Vogue, in the style of jewellery advertising.

Later in the year, excitement was caused by the announcement of Apple doing a tie-up with Hermès, and releasing an Apple Watch Hermès (which is now available to buy). With the watch featuring a classic-looking face with hands, it appeared to be more evidence that Apple wanted consumers to see the product as primarily a fancy new watch but with amazing hidden technical extras.

A new series of films, launched today, place the Apple Watch back in traditional Apple ad territory, however. The spots, shown below, see the Apple Watch in use, demonstrating its sat nav, Apple Pay function, activity trackers and more.

Apple has long used product demos – beautifully shot, of course – to market its wares. And with items such as the iPod, iPad and iPhone, this was enough. These products were so exciting, that really all we needed to see was what they did, set against a nice background.

But we’re used to Apple products now, and the Apple Watch doesn’t quite have the wow factor on the tech side that the brand’s previous products had. With speculation growing around the success of the Apple Watch so far (sales figures have yet to be released though The Atlantic recently described Tim Cook as sounding “desperate” when talking about the watch at the brand’s September Apple event), these ads could be seen as a way of broadening the watch’s appeal outside of the luxury market. But without a USP that you can’t already get on the iPhone, do they do enough?

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