Apple’s Underdogs join the Great Resignation

The latest short from Apple featuring the Underdogs – an intrepid team of under-recognised employees ruled by a tyrannical boss – sees them throw it all in to form their own startup


This is the third film in the Underdogs series, and this time our charming team of occasionally hapless, occasionally brilliant workers are out on their own, using their skills and ingenuity – plus a range of Apple products – to build their big idea for startup glory.

The film continues the Underdogs’ ability to tap into the zeitgeist – following last year’s short which showed them wrestling with home working, this time they join the millions of people who have responded to the pandemic by chucking in their jobs.

Along with the ‘great resignation’, the short also brings in many familiar startup tropes – from launching out of a garage, to the introduction of a 14-year-old digital wizard who plays an integral role in the proceedings.

Running at nine minutes long, this is definitely more short film than ad, despite the heavy product placement. Mark Molloy’s deft direction, and great performances from the cast, will keep you with it until the end though, and rooting for the Underdogs throughout.

Director: Mark Molloy
Production Company: Smuggler