The best work from April includes Dougal Wilson’s Promo for Temper Trap, Philips’ series of short films, Nike’s Grid and R/GA’s social payment system.

St Johns Ambulance: LifeLost campaign – Bartle Bogle Hegarty – 14.02

Temper Trap: Love Lost – Blink Productions/Colonel Blimp – 8.019
Dougal Wilson’s promo brings back memories of school cross-country as child runners mouth the song’s words as they puff around the course.

The wonderful World of VH1: Blues and Diva – Y&R New York – 14.039

Philips: Parallel Lines – DDB London – 6.0117
Five directors, all from the RSA production company, each created a film using the same script to demonstrate the cinematic qualities of Philips TVs.

Land Rover: Sword – Collector – Y&R New York – 7.063
From the You’ll Feel Safe Inside campaign, a middle manager only feels safe enough to tell a colleague to get rid of his scary sword collection once he is safely inside his Land Rover.

Canal+ Carlos – BETC Euro RSCG – 1.03
Website promoting TV series on Carlos the Jackal packed full of extracts and background stories. carlos.canalplus.fr

Nike Grid – AKQA/W+K London/Mindshare – 18.015
Nike Grid turned London into a gameboard, linking phone boxes with users’ Facebook accounts. With each run, players could score points, earn badges and unlock rewards. nikegrid.com

The Most Awesomest Thing Ever – Big Spaceship – 9.021
Vote on which is the ‘awesomer’ of two random things to help determine the most awesome thing of all. mostawesomestthingever.com

Pay with a Tweet – R/GA – 9.024
Social payment system, where people pay for products with the value of their social network. French band The Teenagers used the system to sell their new single: if fans Tweeted
about it, they got the download. paywithatweet.com





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