AR comes to photography in new book by Lucas Blalock

Making Memeries is a new photobook by Lucas Blalock, which comes in two forms. It is both a rather lovely book of images, but also becomes an adventure into augmented reality when looked at via an app.

Lucas Blalock Making Memeries

There will be purists out there that will sigh deeply at the prospect of augmented reality intruding on the world of the photobook, but Lucas Blalock’s title Making Memeries offers an example of how digital can interact with analogue with positive results.

The book, published by SPBH Editions, is created in unusual, thick cardboard pages, and functions very nicely as a publication of interesting and unusual images. But for those who are game, it also offers great fun when looked at via a downloadable app, where aspects of the photographs spring to life with sound, 3D renderings and animation.

Lucas Blalock Making Memeries
Book cover
Lucas Blalock Making Memeries
Above, below and top: spreads from Making Memeries by Lucas Blalock

“Making Memories is set in a time when everyone has become a lifestyle photographer,” says Blalock on the book’s cover. “It is still your life but the image production is decidedly public; and in that case temporary, verging on fleeting, because these public channels have so, so many content providers, and, along with our attention spans, are in a perpetual state of refresh.

“These photographs are records of a sort, but flexible ones, picturing a hybridised condition that includes the bodily ‘us’ and our virtual others; real space sandwiched on top of plastic, elastic possibilities.”

It’s always a challenge to effectively show AR and VR projects on sites such as these, but the two films below give a sense of what happens when you interact with the book via the app:

And shown here are a selection of shots of the book itself too, which features pages that open out flat, allowing the photographs to spread seamlessly across two pages. I can vouch for the extra fun that can be had looking at these images via the AR app, but to truly experience it, you’ll have to try it for yourself…

Lucas Blalock Making Memeries
Lucas Blalock Making Memeries

Making Memeries by Lucas Blalock is published by SPBH Editions, priced £38;

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