Arctic Monkeys: Body Paint music video

Category: Production Design; Entrant: Radical Media

Director Brook Linder shot the video for Arctic Monkeys’ Body Paint – taken from the band’s seventh album – largely on Kodak’s discontinued 16mm Ektachrome film. It lends the music video an intensely nostalgic ambience, and it’s no surprise that Linder was heavily influenced by TV shows and films of the past, in particular 1970s filmmaking and the work of American cinematographer Gordon Willis, who worked on The Godfather trilogy.

Linder collaborated with DOP Frank Mobilio to develop the video’s vintage aesthetic, assembling a stream of cryptic vignettes, including glossy billiard balls, neon tanning bulbs and flaming Tarot cards. The aim was to bring together a huge variety of imagery that appears disparate but is united by the same graphic approach. Body Paint’s intense nostalgic ambience is emphasised by footage of reels of film and a Steenbeck editing table, which in true meta style is shown playing the music video. “We really did ramp up a full film production to distil this song into a video, and that involves a lot of moving parts,” says Linder.

Arctic Monkeys: Body Paint
Category: Production Design
Entrant: RadicalMedia

Production Company: RadicalMedia London
Director: Brook Linder
Label: Domino Records
Commissioner: Jonny Bradshaw
Director Of Photography: Frank Mobilio 
Creative Director: Ben Chappell 
Producer: Ali Khalil
Executive Producers: Ben Schneider, Jodie Brooks
Production Manager: Nikki Simmons
Production Assistant: Ozzi Sanderson
Production Services: Locke & Stache
2nd Unit Director Of Photography: Natasha Duursma 
1st Camera Assistant/Focus Puller: Mark Bull
Clapper/Loader: Charlotte Croft
Gaffer: Danny Hayward
Gaffer (US): Joe Ramos
L&S Vision Operators: Josh Pfaff, Austin Elliott, Chris Olson
1st AD: Billie Hallows
2nd AD: Siobhan Francesca Thomas
Aerials: Chopper Charter Branson
Location (US): SGF Soundstage
Location Rep: Brandon Goodwin
Sparks: Jeff Cilas, Johnjoe Besagni
Spark Trainee: Eddie cook
Desk Op: Ben Hinton
Riggers: Paul Howes, George Berry
Production Designer: James Soldan
Production Designer (US): Nikki Simmons
Art Assists: Paul Simmons, Kingsley Giles, Adrian Powell, Rosie Hope Hill
Construction: Oscar Druid, Charlie Druid, Luke Brennan, Matt England
Ronin 2 Specialist Operator: Dan Lobo-Pires
Precision Driver: Jake Young
Camera Trainee: Oscar Ferguson
2nd Unit Gaffer: Joe Sherno
2nd Unit Spark: Danny Gould
2nd Unit Desk Op: Jack Ryan
Colour: Ethos Studio
Colourist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
VFX: Matt Lathrom
Location: Versa Studios
2nd Unit Location: London Film Studios
Catering: Young Kitchen