Arena HoM/Me +

Adding further fuel to the “New Ugly” debate on magazine editorial design (see here, here, here, and here) comes M/M’s Arena Homme Plus, sorry Homme +.


Adding further fuel to the “New Ugly” debate on magazine editorial design (see here, here, here, and here) comes M/M’s Arena Homme Plus, sorry Homme +.


The French duo had a previous and high-profile excursion into editorial design when they took over Paris Vogue a couple of years ago. The hand-drawn, organic lettering and illustration that was such a controversial feature of that short-lived exercise re-appears here. Features lead off with faux-naif drawings in pencil and felt-tip, while more drawings appear as editorial in their own right, flagged up on the features content page as “5 drawings by M/M (Paris)”

Type choices are, well, let’s say idiosyncratic


As is the cover treatment, featuring a Juergen Teller shot of fashion designer Marc Jacobs (who has evidently been splitting his leisure time betwixt gym and tanning salon)


Incidentally, the images reveal that Jacobs has a tattoo of a magazine logo on his arm: not that of Arena Homme + but US porno mag, Oui, which has become something of a fave in the fashion world – in a strictly, knowing, ironic sense, of course. In the accompanying interview, Jacobs reveals that: “I have an obsession with text and typefaces.” Perhpas he might have a few suggestions for M/M…

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