Jon Hopkins

The art of Jon Hopkins

As Jon Hopkins’ new album Singularity is released, we talk to the electronic musician about his videos, concert visuals and how Sex & The City changed his life.

The cover artwork for Jon Hopkins’ new album features an epic sky at sunset, with a constellation of stars lit up at its centre. There is evidence of humans – in the form of a group of buildings to the bottom right of the scene – but their presence appears tiny in the face of the scale and majesty of the night sky.

It is a scene that came directly from Hopkins himself, and is fictional: it was created by Stephen McNally, an artist at BlinkArt, by collaging together scenes from a number of different images. “I just knew that it had to be this miniature-looking human settlement dwarfed by an endless, beautiful sky full of stars,” says Hopkins. “But this isn’t a place. I sat with Stephen and he was able to bring out of my head this image of this place that isn’t real – he got a tundra from one place, a forest from another and the stars from several other places and it became something entirely new.… I kind of love the fact that it isn’t a real place, I love the fact that it just came from my head and his head.”




Maidenhead, Berkshire