New idents by Superunion aim to show ARTE TV as a “culture magnet”

European channel ARTE TV has launched a new series of charming idents created by Superunion, which are designed to give a nod to its position as a cultural hub

Superunion’s newly launched idents for ARTE TV are centred around the concept of the channel as a “culture magnet” – an idea visualised by showing ice, skateboards and the contents of petri dishes drawn towards the ARTE logo. Building on Superunion’s previous rebrand of the channel, the idents have a certain hand-made quality, and also serve to illustrate the channel’s diverse focus points – from global politics to science right through to extreme sports.

“There is a poetic dimension to this design, a breath of air that lets us take our time, take the time to dream, understand or forget, radically resisting the frenzied tide around us,” said ARTE’s Creative Director Cécile Chavepayre of the new clips. “But there is also a very powerful, conscious engagement within a specific political context. It’s at once simple and bold.”

Of course, this isn’t Superunion’s first foray into idents. ARTE TV’s new look has a similar charm to the highly popular BBC 2 rebrand that the agency launched in partnership with the in-house team at BBC Creative, which won in two categories at the 2019 Creative Review Annual Awards.;

Agency: Superunion

Creative Director: Graeme Haig
Designer: Sam Chapman
ECD: Stuart Radford
Animation: Joe Maker