Artist James Stanford reimagines Las Vegas’s iconic neons

The Vegas native is repurposing the city’s neon signs and landmarks by layering original photographs to create striking digital mosaics

Soho Lofts, based in the city’s Arts District, will play host to Stanford’s photomontages in a pop-up exhibition from February 1.

Inspired by the Bauhaus movement and Stanford’s interest in Buddhism, his kaleidoscopic works evoke the extravagance of Vegas through traditional photography and experimental digital art.

James Stanford, City Centre V-2
James Stanford, Caesar’s Palace
James Stanford, Aladdin Dingly Dan V-2
James Stanford, Kings 8

His works are often printed as backlit lenticulars and can contain 30 or more layers, featuring symmetrical patterns and bold colours, which stem from the original signs.

For the Soho Lofts show, Stanford will be portraying backlit works so that they will be visible from the street at all times of day, and be particularly striking at night.

James Stanford’s Backlit Lenticulars is at Soho Lofts in Las Vegas from February 1–March 31;