Artomatic by Accept & Proceed

This project has been selected in the Digital – Websites category in The Annual 2019, CR’s award scheme celebrating the best in commercial creativity

Accept & Proceed’s website for print and packaging company Artomatic offers a playful twist on the traditional portfolio site, using audio and video to capture the delight of engaging with physical products.

The site features audio from Emma WhispersRed, which is designed to evoke ASMR – a tingling sensation triggered by soft sounds such as rustling leaves and whispers. Each project is showcased with video footage of someone interacting with it, alongside quotes highlighting how each product feels. The site is easy to navigate and a joy to explore, providing an engaging experience without compromising on ease of use or functionality.

“Throughout its long history, Artomatic has championed a contemporary view of print and its physical, emotional connection with humans in the cold, dispassionate digital age. The new site captures the nature and sensation of human interaction — holding and feeling the tactile power of physical objects, all mediated via a digital device,”  says Accept & Proceed.

Design Studio: Accept & Proceed. Creative Director: Matthew Jones. Design Director: Stephen Heath. Development: Systems Studio. ASMR: EmmaWhispersRed. Film: Rich Luxton.