Ask Anna: How do I find a creative partner?

Our resident creative industry agony aunt tackles an age-old question from a reader: how to find a good work partner? Here she offers a range of solutions, including polyamory

Dear Anna,

I’d love some advice on finding a partner when you’re first starting out as a creative.

I’ve spent exactly one whole year in adland on placements, and having just split with my most recent partner, I’m on the search again for a teammate.

I understand the pros of having a partner: two minds, two lives, two perspectives and experiences, are always going to be better than one. But as a self-taught creative, I don’t really see myself as a copywriter or art director. I was shit at both, so I put in the time to learn both practices. So what do I look for?

I know the difference between a clear, original idea and one that isn’t. But other than that, what should I be trying to find? A partner with shared moral standards? Mine are low, ngl. Do I find someone who is a strong writer, or an AD, or someone who’s better at collaborating the whole process through? Is there a compatibility test? Are there matchmakers? Is there a creative partner Love Island? Please send help.