Ask Anna: How can I get the recognition I deserve as a freelancer?

Our agony aunt Anna Higgs offers advice on how to get due recognition – and maybe even an awards mention – when you’re a freelancer

Dear Anna,

I am an experienced freelance strategist/planner and often contribute to award-winning work. A lot of the time it’s hard to say, ‘that’s my idea’, but sometimes it is very clear that the results would absolutely not exist without my input.

Some agencies give me credit in the awards, and some even thank me for being part of the team. But others, including global design agencies, which should know better, do nothing, even if my work wins them many, many awards which they use as a successful new business drawcard.

What do I do? If I say something I sound like a whiny tosspot who probably won’t get work from that agency ever again. If I don’t, then I really am a tosspot who doesn’t stand up for my own worth.

The main issue, though, is the lack of integrity and respect for the source of ideas that our industry is founded on. This just isn’t right. I am certain this is an issue for all freelancers who are overlooked and made to feel they have no right to the accolades. What do you think?