Ask Anna: How can I go from freelancer to small business owner?

Our resident agony aunt Anna Higgs offers a reader advice on how to make the jump from being a gun for hire to heading up their own business

Illustration by Sean McSorley

Dear Anna, 

As a freelancer I’ve always wondered how best to take the next step to being a successful small business. I’m interested to know if you have any tips to finding those clients and pitches that can take someone like myself to the next step.


Dear Anon, 

This is a question where context is everything because people start businesses for myriad different reasons – and those reasons should drive what you build.  Do you want to start a small business to be working with more people? Or to be able to pitch and win a wider range of work that clients are often more comfortable giving to a company that has a ‘brand’ than they might be a freelancer? Maybe it’s both, or more, for you. Whatever the motivation, rest assured there are exciting times ahead as you explore this journey.