Ask Anna: How do I switch careers after 20 years?

This month, CR’s agony aunt Anna Higgs helps a reader who wants into move into a new creative area after 20 years in a different field

Dear Anna,

With 20 years of experience in one creative field, I’d like to transition into work as a creative director for brands and/or creative agencies. I’ve been a film director and visual artist (and recognised for my work) but now I want to take on different kinds of projects and challenges, yet I’m finding it a bit difficult to translate my experience into a compelling argument for why an agency should bring me onto their team.

And that’s why I ask you: how do you become a creative director when you’ve never been one yet you have plenty of experience as a lead creative in a related field?

How does one take the experience of idea generation and concept development, as well as writing and storytelling, not to mention project execution, from one field and apply it to the agency side? Or even brand side?