Aspesi, Print and poster campaign

These two quite differently styled print and poster campaigns are both for Aspesi clothing range’s spring-summer collection. “The two different approaches to this campaign reflect the qualities of the collections themselves,” explains Tomato’s Dirk van Dooren, who created the campaigns with Dean Field. “One is a more technically based collection for men and women. These properties suggested to me a gentle and technical approach, but with some humour and humanity, hence the simple cartoon characters, set in very uncomplicated, flat colour environments, where they are happily going about their business,” he says.”

“The other collection is purely womenswear, with beautiful fabrics and super-elegant designs that suggest a more romantic, dreamy and less predictable vibe.” To create this look van Dooren combined shots of the clothing itself with photographs from his archive. “I like to keep things simple and not make it seem like we are trying too hard, as I feel this keeps it in the language and emotional tonality of the brand,” he says.

Photography, art direction and design: Dirk van Dooren, Tomato, and Dean Field


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The New Face of Mencap

The UK’s leading charity for people with learning disabilities, Mencap, has just unveiled a new identity, created by Rare Corporate Design. The new logo for the organisation appears in a round speech bubble with an emphasis on the first two letters of the name, me. The rebrand also includes a new corporate typeface called Me that has been specially crafted by typography firm Fontsmith in consult­ation with members of Mencap to ensure the end product is of genuine benefit to an audience with learning disabilities…

The Iranian Blogosphere

Map of the Iranian blogosphere produced by John Kelly and Bruce Etling for their paper, Mapping Iran’s
Online Public: Politics and Culture in the Persian Blogosphere
The Internet and Democracy project represents a series of studies carried out by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University that examine “how the internet influences democratic norms and modes, including its impact on civil society, citizen media, government transparency and the rule of law, with a focus on the Middle East”.
The Center’s initial studies looked at areas where the internet’s influence on democracy has been significant: at the impact of news site, OhmyNews, on the 2002 elections in South Korea; at the use of mobile technology in the organisation of protesters during Ukraine’s Orange Revolution; and, as shown above, at the Iranian blogosphere and its possible impact on political and democratic processes. The results from this third study offer up some interesting conclusions on the rise of blog culture within Iran…

Hot Chip, One Pure Thought

Production company Trunk Animation collaborated with artists Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle for this animated video for Hot Chip’s One Pure Thought

Stag Scaffolding Sculpture

Stag Scaffolding Sculpture by Ben Long at Oakmayne building site, Elephant Road, London SE17 1LB
Standing at a height of 35ft, in a dormant building site in south London, is artist Ben Long’s latest creation made entirely from conventional scaffolding components. Stag is part of an ongoing multi-disciplinary project, Great Travelling Art Exhibition, which also includes Long’s finger-drawings made in the dirt on the rear shutters of haulage trucks.

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