Ustwo Games: Assemble With Care

Honourable Mention: Games, Artistic Merit

Assemble With Care is a puzzle-style game that challenges players to take apart, and put back together, a series of analogue objects, including cameras, cassettes, projectors and watches. Players assume the role of a globetrotting antique restorer, stopping in the fictional town of Bellariva to help locals repair their cherished goods.

The tactile feel of the objects was essential in the game, and the game’s art direction features a minimal and elegant style with a strong feeling of nostalgia. The elements of the game have a dream-like quality to them – for ustwo games, the experience is intended to feel like a distant memory and evoke a sense of deep connection with the character you’re restoring the object for.

Game Design: ustwo games
Lead Artist: Chris Cox

Lead Designer: Joel Beardshaw
Artist: Danette Beatty
Programmer: Laure De Mey
Art Director: David Fernández Huerta
QA: Abby Flores
Project Lead: Dan Gray
Senior Programmer: Austin Kelmore
Producer/Writer: Adrienne Law
Senior Programmer: Van Le
Technical Artist: Max van der Merwe
Lead Programmer: Matt Newcombe
Chief Development Officer: Peter Pashley
Chief Executive Officer: Maria Sayans
Lead Designer: Lea Schönfelder
Designer: Florian Veltman
Narrative Consultant: Dare Ayegbayo
Senior Programmer: Daniel Gallagher
Illustrator: Lu Nascimento
UI Artist: Cédrine Pradier
Sound Designer: Thomas Williams
Artist: Ian Zell
Marketing Manager: Oscar Guardiola