AtkinsRéalis: Precisely Assembled typography

Category: Typography; Entrant: Interbrand

Global engineering firm SNC-Lavalin has been at the forefront of creating iconic infrastructures in 160 countries, including developing the design of London’s Crossrail central section and the design and construction of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab.

With a workforce of over 36,000 and its roots in Montreal, the company boasts a legacy spanning over a century. Yet it faced numerous challenges, including a fragmented experience for its clients due to its multiple sub-brands, including Atkins and Faithful+Gould.

Over an 18-month period, a brand transformation project was completed to unite the brand, including the introduction of a new name: AtkinsRéalis. Two new typefaces were also created.

“We have two bespoke typefaces: Gamechanger and Bienvenue. They are designed to work together, but each one has a specific purpose. Two typefaces help create distinct levels of type hierarchy, making information easier to navigate. And both have been developed as variable fonts, allowing fluid transitions in motion,” says Interbrand.

“Gamechanger is our headline typeface, used to create impact. It is specifically designed to fit the characteristics of our brand. Inspired by the monogram’s construction, it’s a nod to a dedication to precision.

The character spacing, strong forms and structured appearance all echo the exacting nature of our work, making the typeface uniquely AtkinsRéalis.

“Bienvenue is our bespoke text typeface, designed to work in partnership with our headline typeface. It is crafted to ensure sharp rendering, especially at smaller sizes. Its characteristics – straight descenders, precise assembly and matching alternate characters – mirror the headline Gamechanger font, ensuring a harmonious expression side-by-side.”

In September 2023, the new name and new brand were launched and rolled out globally – from guidelines to templates, vehicle liveries to office interiors and websites to signage.

Design Studio: Interbrand
Creative Director: Adam Johnson
Design Director: Ed Andrews
Senior Designer: Maria José Arias
Designer: Lottie Evelyn
Senior Client Director: Mandy Bray
Senior Client Manager: Alexis Datin
Associate Strategy Director:
Kritika Singh
Senior Strategy Director CX: Daniel Keller
Strategy Director CX: Johnny Staord
Production Director: Graham Granger
Creative Coder: Andy Duboc
Type Foundry: NaN