Adrian Shaughnessy

Technical Ecstasy: Hipgnosis Portraits

Famed for its surrealist sleeve design, Hipgnosis also took rock portraiture into altered states. In our recent May issue, Adrian Shaughnessy reviews a recently published book exploring the enduring influence of Hipgnosis imagery.

Technical Ecstasy

Famed for its surrealist sleeve design, Hipgnosis also took rock portraiture into altered states, as a new book reveals

Manual Labour

Manuals 1 is the first comprehensively illustrated book on design manuals, featuring examples from the 1960s to the early 1980s; a period often regarded as the golden age of identity design. Published by Unit Editions, it is introduced by Adrian Shaughnessy and an edited version of his essay, exploring why these weighty objects still hold […]

Celebrating the life and work of Muriel Cooper

The graphic design canon. Is there one? And if there is, who’s in it? Josef Müller-Brockmann? Paul Rand? Armin Hoffman? Milton Glaser? Otl Aicher? Alan Fletcher? You could make a strong case for each of these designers, and a few dozen others. But how many of them would be women?The question of female representation in […]

London 2012: The logo

When the 2012 logo was unveiled, Adrian Shaughnessy was one of its many critics. But, having finally heard the reasoning behind it, he is coming round to its merits

One-click wonders

The growth of crowdsourcing websites like 99designs could mean an uncertain future for the graphic design profession

Designers invade small French town

Chaumont’s graphic design festival continues to punch way above its weight. So why can’t the UK get behind something similar?

Peer Poll 2009 (Test)

The Peer Poll is our open Awards Scheme for the creative industries. Read on to view the results you chose.

Felice Varini

The Swiss artist’s large-scale installations use architecture as a canvas and illusion as his stock-in-trade

Wolff Olins: Expectations Confounded

Wolff Olins has never been far from controversy over the past 12 months. Adrian Shaughnessy was one of the 2012 logo’s most prominent critics, so we sent him along to find out just what has been going on at the design consultancy…