Daniel Benneworth-Gray

Up the resolution

Happy New Year! Now to the question of whether to do more or less, learn the cello, or be happy as a design sponge

The fun of the fair

There’s nothing like a book fair to trigger self-reflection in a cover designer, but what esteemed company it is to keep. Daniel Benneworth-Gray visits the York Book Fair

The hardest client to client

Designers are their own worst clients. But working for yourself isn’t really about the end result, it’s the experience that matters

The art of conversation

Working alone has plenty of advantages, but talking to kitchen appliances doesn’t usually help with inspiration

A new source of inspiration

A new baby brings joy, delight, and deferred deadlines. But before you know it, there’s a fellow creative in the house

My desk, my raw material

When an idea drought takes hold, rather than just tidying, scrutinise the stuff in front of you to refuel your creativity

Quick, it’s the designphone!

There are as many methods of finding new work as there are clients out there. But the best advice is just to be prepared

In-house to out-house

Our new columnist, designer Daniel Benneworth-Gray, reflects on life as a freelancer, a year on from starting afresh


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