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&Smith enlists 14 illustrators for new Liberty London British food range designs

Luxurious London department store Liberty London has launched its first British food range, with the identity and packaging designs created by &Smith. The branding agency worked with 14 illustrators – Billy Clark, Caroline Magnère, Dave Anderson, Guy Catling, Hani Abusamra, Jordan Andrew Carter, Louise Lockhart, Margaux Carpentier, Mr Gordo, Rob Bailey, Rob Lowe a.k.a Supermundane, […]

Pentagram work for The National takes wry look at corporate branding

New York-based Pentagram partner Luke Hayman has collaborated with The National on designs for their new record Sleep Well Beast, working across the sleeve design and promotional materials ranging from t-shirts to more unexpected items, like staplers and sellotape dispensers. The band counts not one but two members with graphic design-related backgrounds, with bassist Scott Devendorf having […]

Hattie Stewart’s playful Doodlebomb Sticker Book beats copycats at their own game

Illustrator Hattie Stewart is renowned for her cheekily guerilla-like approach to image-making, taking recognisable magazine covers and accessorising them with her signature squiggles, love hearts and eyes. It’s a process she’s dubbed “doodlebombing”, and thanks to a new sticker book, we can all become doodlebombers à la Stewart without having to even put pen to […]

The initiative creating typefaces based on dying Indian crafts

Uniting typography, benevolence and the preservation of Indian crafts and tribal arts, the Type Craft Initiative is a refreshing proposal in a sea of “design for good”-type schemes that can often veer towards the self-serving. Created by Delhi-based graphic designer Ishan Khosla, the initiative involves creating digitised typefaces based on Indian crafts and tribal arts, […]

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