Emma Tucker

Designing the digital self

With VR experiences still in their infancy, navigating the disconnect between the real and virtual body still poses creative challenges. As part of our Body week on CR, we met with Framestore Creative Director Gavin Fox to discuss what it takes to cross the uncanny valley

Are brands finally over body taboos?

For years, advertising has dealt with bodily functions in hushed tones. But are recent ads showing period ‘blood’ and female body hair a sign that brands are ready to be frank? As part of a week-long special on the CR site devoted to the Body, Emma Tucker investigates

How I Got Here: Illustrator Luke Pearson

From Nobrow books and New Yorker covers to a Netflix adaptation, artist Luke Pearson tells CR how he found his creative freedom, why he’s left comics for grown-ups behind, and how his daughter is helping him think differently about children’s books


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