Emma Tucker

How I Work: V&A Rapid Response Curator Corinna Gardner

As guardian of the V&A’s Rapid Response Collection, Corinna Gardner has overseen the museum’s acquisition of everything from a 3D-printed gun to a Pussyhat. She explains how the museum makes its decisions, and why Primark jeans and false eyelashes belong under its roof

How I Work: Artist Alex Chinneck

He’s unzipped buildings, made houses melt, and tied 450-year-old architecture in knots. Alex Chinneck’s work looks like magic, but the story behind each project is complex. From planning permission to hand-crafted wax windows, here’s how he gets his ideas made

How I Work: Photographer Alastair Philip Wiper

There are not many photographers shooting in sausage factories and slaughterhouses, but Alastair P Wiper has made a career of it. Here’s how an eye for the beauty of industrial machinery has given him the chance to photograph hidden processes across Europe