Gemma Germains

The Pitch Funnel

My name’s Gemma and I’m a hypocrite. The thing is, I hate pitches – they cost us money, they redirect our concentration away from our clients and they force us to waste great ideas – but last year my studio took part in one. And we won it

What a failed pitch looks like

There are many reasons why a pitch tanks, writes Gemma Germains of Well Made studio. Price and strategy are the go-to excuses, but that’s only half the story. No client will admit work is won and lost on personality. No client will admit you irritated them

Talent Spotters: Liverpool School of Art and Design

For our Talent Spotters series, Gemma Germains of Well Made Studio in Liverpool picks her favourites from the Liverpool School of Art and Design show, including Dave Dodd’s response to the notorious bigots of the Westboro Baptist Church


Bristol but would consider flexible working for the right candidate


Leeds or London with travel to Leeds Min 3 days a week