Gordon Comstock

Infect and conquer

From making sharable films to hanging off the latest meme, brands realise no-one is immune from spreading the virus

Artistic license

Agency life used to facilitate outside artistic projects, but now there’s hardly time to sketch, let alone write that novel

The capable creatives

Today’s graduate teams, aka the ‘digital natives’, can do more than think up ideas, they can execute them too

Selling yourself

Before they shift any product, budding ad creatives need to shift themselves. But how? By being courageous. And good

Writer got pwned > LOLs

Trying to adopt the web’s tone of voice is futile; resorting to using its language only makes for bad advertising copy

In search of Saatchi

Babble, Charles Saatchi’s new collection of writing, reveals little about the man but plenty about his online reading habits

A strange consistency

Branding wants continuity; advertising wants originality. Reconciling the two is the conundrum of the industry says our man on the inside

All texture, no ‘big idea’

It’s taken several years for the industry to learn the language of YouTube but it remains a tricky platform to get right

Community matters

Building communities has come easy to Facebook and Instagram; retaining loyalty to them is another matter

Ogling Ogilvy

There are a few revelations to be found in The Unpublished David Ogilvy collection. But is this what happens when the personality endures longer than the creative work?