Hazel Davis

Hazel Davis is a freelance journalist and copywriter for titles including the Financial Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Times, and Creative Review

Barbie styles it out, again

A master of reinvention, the Barbie brand is about to embark on its biggest journey yet, via Greta Gerwig’s much anticipated movie. We examine why the brand has managed to always stay in fashion


The return of weird ads

Brand purpose has dominated advertising for the past decade, winning awards for serious, high-minded ideas, with humour nowhere in sight. But is bizarre, wacky advertising finally making a comeback?


Joe Lycett on comedy, activism, and graphic design

Joe Lycett has already perfected the art of trolling politicians and over-zealous brands, and is now gifting the world a coffee-table book about bins. He talks to CR about using art and comedy as rebellion and why comedians should care more about fonts

What’s the value of awards?

The design and advertising industry has a plethora of award schemes. Here we examine what part they play in the industry and in the success of creative businesses

50th Anniversary of Pride 50p with original artwork

Behind the scenes at the Royal Mint

The designers at the Royal Mint have recently made special edition coins to celebrate everything from the Platinum Jubilee to Pride to the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin. Hazel Davis talks to them about how they are made