James McNulty

Weathering the brainstorm

Brainstorming is making a comeback. But while the concept rarely works, that hasn’t put agencies off booking up the meeting rooms

iCame, iSaw, iConquered?

A handful of magazines have risen to the iPad challenge. On the eve of the device’s UK release, Jeremy Leslie puts them through their paces

Open-plan evil

I mean, seriously, we all have to pretend that we like it – or be perceived as egotistical dino­saurs – but we don’t really, do we? The proof is that when forced to operate in an open-plan environment, many creatives attempt to block it out, by clamping a pair of headphones on their ears. Did Zola […]

The Humour issue

CR gets serious about being funny featuring
Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, Lisa McGee,
Naresh Ramchandani, David Kolbusz, Roz Chast,
Emily Oberman, Asterix, Stephen Collins,
Dominic Wilcox and the DLR

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