Jean Grogan

Roger Excoffon: The typecast artist

As the work of designer Roger Excoffon enjoys something of a revival, the focus has moved beyond his type and lettering to an appreciation of his wider talents – from his painting to his graphic design. Jean Grogan reports back from a recent conference which readdressed the work of this multi-talented creative

The typecast artist

After years of neglect, the work of French type designer and adman Roger Excoffon is enjoying renewed interest. Jean Grogan reports from a conference about his work

Fully Exposed

Ten years after his death, the great photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson is the subject of a comprehensive retrospective at the Pompidou Centre in Paris revealing many hitherto ignored aspects of his work. In an exclusive interview with CR, the show’s curator Clément Chéroux discusses Cartier-Bresson’s career and enduring relevance

Chanel’s Supermodel Supermarket

For its 2014 Fall/Winter fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, Chanel turned the Grand Palais into the world’s glitziest supermarket complete with 500 Chanel-branded products in packaging designed specially for the show

Vive le Design

Outside of the country’s world-leading fashion, perfume, and luxury brands, French graphic design has arguably struggled to establish itself in the same way that it exists in the UK. An emphasis on ‘cultural design’ often means that the more mundane world of corporate branding and packaging fails to receive the attention of France’s design elite. […]

A look Inside Chanel

Inside Chanel is an ambitious online project telling the story of the fashion house and its founder via a series of online documentaries

Illustrating Paris Life

Earlier this month, the mayor of Paris handed over 1,000 of the city’s municipal signs to Japanese illustrator Kanako Kuno in order to display 50 different images of Les Parisien’s at play

The Parisian off-licence run by admen

Advertising creatives often have interesting after-hours side projects, but we’d never heard of any running an off-licence before. Jean Grogan has the story behind The Paris Liquor Store (TPLS), founded by Thomas Barclay, an art director at Havas Worldwide Paris, and realised with the help of two admen colleagues.

Design in an abstract sense

The history of Chanel N˚5 is intertwined with the avant garde, as a special show at the Palais de Tokyo explored