Jeremy Leslie

The year in magazines

Far from hindering creativity the challenging financial climate has made magazines even more determined to innovate. Jeremy Leslie reveals his highlights

Glory Glory

Typographic posters from the Glory Glory exhibiton and book, curated by Alex Brown, Nick Blakeman and Craig Oldham

Interning explained

A new magazine on interning in the creative industries will help to promote new work while opening up the debate

Container: a magazine that’s not a magazine

An intriguing polystyrene box of artefacts, Container is the latest project from Artomatic’s Tim Milne. It has contributors, a theme, content and ambitions to be produced regularly – so that does that make it a magazine? asks Jeremy Leslie

The definition of a magazine

Container, a box of objects produced by a group of invited contributors, questions just what a magazine can be

Back of the net! Goal pie!

Away from the newsstand, the indie publishing sector provides a more thoughtful take on football for the discerning fan

How to be an independent

If you’re going to self-publish, you need a passion for your subject and a unique take on it

Added edge

Two encouraging trends are set to emerge in magazine apps – simpler design and more manageable content

The Aspen attitude

As one of the first multimedia publications, Aspen hinted at what a magazine could be. It’s now the subject of a new show

A magazine marathon

Creating London 2012’s daily magazine was no easy task, but publishers Haymarket put in a gold medal performance

A specialist subject

With mainstream titles going consumerist, specialists such as Figure offer a more exciting way to explore the culture

Titles that titillate

From the wholesome world of crafts to the reinvention of the sex magazine, independent publishers target all tastes


Halesworth, Suffolk


Halesworth, Suffolk