Michael Evamy

Look again, think again – how North refreshed the Tate brand

To coincide with the opening of its new building, Tate invited design studios from around the world to pitch for a possible identity redesign. North, however, argued that the exisiting identity could still do the job – all it needed was a ‘deep clean’ and some clarity about its usage. North’s Sean Perkins and team explain why, sometimes, the best solution is to stick with what works

Manual labour

The identity manual is enjoying a revival as reprints conjure up a bygone age and appeal to our hunger for printed permanence. With manuals for the New York City Transit Authority and NASA already reproduced, Michael Evamy looks at this nascent scene as a fully funded Kickstarter appeal to reprint the British Rail identity guidliness comes to end tomorrow

Self expression

A user-generated identity for an educational foundation in Catalonia echoes the diversity of the people in its care

On your marks

Sports stars now have an abundance of well-crafted logos and identities but is there room for more esoteric work?

Which way now?

Creating a symbol for a presidential campaign is no easy task but Pentagram’s arrow for Hillary Clinton points to new ideas


Halesworth, Suffolk


Halesworth, Suffolk