Neil Ayres

The further adventures of the book

The iPad opened up possibilities for more inventive visual storytelling, but few publishers have taken advantage. And even those who have still believe that print has a few tricks left up its sleeve

CR tweetup at Tate Britain

Last night around 150 @CreativeReview Twitter followers descended on Tate Britain to join us in a bit of creative merriment. We had a fine mix of agency types, image-makers and art lovers, and all in all things seemed to go rather well…

CR for CR: What our readers are doing

Here’s our first post sharing news of what some of CR’s readers have been up to help raise money for Comic Relief. We’re sure loads more of you are doing something funny for money too, and we want to hear about it…

CR for CR

This Red Nose Day – that’s March 18 for anyone not paying attention – and for the days leading up to it we’re going to harness the power of the mighty CR Blog and our Twitter followers to help raise as much money as we can for Comic Relief.

Snowboards and smartphones

Push Snowboarding and Burton are attempting to redefine competitive snowboarding with a run analysis system built around the Nokia N8 smartphone…

Stick insects

Brighton-based designer Kyle Bean has created some remarkable matchstick craftwork…

Quite a following

Yesterday Creative Review—or more properly @CreativeReview—hit the landmark figure of 200,000 followers on Twitter. To celebrate, we spent the day giving away lots of nice things


Halesworth, Suffolk


Halesworth, Suffolk