Nick Asbury

The Language of Luxury

In a sector full of linguistic inflation and manufactured mystique, copywriters struggle to find the right words, writes Nick Asbury in his recent article for CR’s Luxury issue.

Conversation my arse

As Andrex rolls out a handy guide to using its products, encouraging more talk of “clean bottoms” in the process, the brand has become great case study in modern marketing and represents the logical outcome of two of its most dominant – and problematic – trends

For Mash get Shake ‘n’ Vac

Despite regular reposts of its demise, the art of the advertising jingle has never quite gone away – just ask Gio Compario. Then cover your ears

David Abbott

David Abbott was one of the most prolific and versatile of all advertising copywriters, but there was one trick to which he repeatedly returned

Forgive us our ‘plagiarism’

The Nation’s Prayer, created for the England World Cup squad by Asbury & Asbury, proved remarkably ineffective. But after appearing in The Sun and elsewhere, it became a case study in the merits of sharing openly versus protecting intellectual property

Elephants Charging Towards Brazil!

FIFA recently unveiled the slogans that will appear on each of the team buses at the Brazil World Cup. They were chosen through a public contest sponsored by Hyundai, with predictably varying results. But for a copywriter, the whole thing is quite fun; the slogans equivalent of the Eurovision song contest

The grand old man of brand

Wally Olins is back with a new book on brands but his analysis isn’t helped by some inconsistent use of the term

Best Male Solo Marketer

Today’s release of Autobiography by Morrissey on Penguin Classics, normally the home of Chaucer and Milton, is a marketing move comparable to that of another master of pop branding – David Bowie

30 tones in 30 days

Today Yahoo! launched its new logo (above), following an experiment in which they released 30 logo variations in 30 days. Given the importance of brand language, Nick Asbury thought he’d explore a tone of voice equivalent – from ‘cloying’ and ‘hipster’ to ‘inexplicably tangential’

Long copy isn’t back

Apple has just released a series of long copy ads with the help of advertising agency TBWAMedia Arts Lab, USA. Does this mark a return to the heyday of long copy advertising? Sadly, but definitely, not

After Hours: setting problems, rules and limits

The After Hours exhibition at the Jerwood Space on London’s Bankside is a diverse compendium of personal projects from graphic designers working without a client or a brief. But are there any common threads to be found?