Rick Chant

Rick Chant is co-founder and ECD of We Are Pi in Amsterdam. He writes for CR about creativity and ideas in advertising and beyond

Is it time to end the call to action?

Just Do It and Think Different are held up as the ultimate OG taglines. They spawned countless imitators, but has the public finally grown tired of being told what to do by brands? Is it time to call time on the call to action?

Life in multiple dimensions

Artificial intelligence may bring a new meaning to hybrid working in the future, as our digital avatars are taught to sweat the small stuff while we take care of the big questions, suggests We Are Pi ECD Rick Chant

1st generation iPhone Shutterstock

Screw the Skeuomorph!

Used to help translate the real world into the digital realm, skeuomorphs should be abandoned in Web3 and the metaverse instead be a place where anything goes, says Rick Chant, ECD and co-founder at We Are Pi