Still image from an advert for Avios showing a row of 7 people riding efoil boards over a body of water while carrying shopping bags

Avios’ ad shows how easy it is to collect loyalty points

With the help of a James Bond stunt coordinator, the new spot by Uncommon shows how collecting Avios points is a walk in the park – or rather a glide over the water

Uncommon has created a new ad campaign for IAG Loyalty named Everyday, which shows how ‘your everyday can pay for your holiday’ with Avios.

Avios is the loyalty scheme run by British Airways and affiliated with over a thousand partner brands, which lets people collect points to spend on flights, hotels, car rentals, and experiences.

Directed by Sam Walker, the ad features a group of 35 people riding electric water boards called efoils over a sun-kissed body of water. The efoilers are shown carrying items that indicate the various ways that people can gain Avios points beyond taking flights, including buying coffees or ordering taxis.

The scenes were shot entirely in-camera thanks to the expertise of a team that included DoP Daniel Voldheim, efoil expert Adrian Valios, and Boris Martinez, the stunt coordinator on the latest James Bond film, No Time to Die.

The new ad opts for a figurative take rather than spoon-feeding audiences, which might mean the message will go over the head of some viewers. However, like the calm simplicity of the Churchill ‘Chill’ ad, there is a meditative quality to Everyday that captures the holiday feeling. It’s also in keeping with Avios’ conceptual advertising in the past, including the Anything Can Fly ad that launched the brand back in 2011.

Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
Production Company: Pulse Films
Director: Sam Walker
DOP: Daniel Voldheim
Edit: Final Cut
Sound: King Lear
Music Supervision: Native
Post Production: Rascal