May’s best work includes a dog that raps, an interactive music video by Chris Milk and smart wine packaging

Client of the year: Google

Our 2011 Client of the Year was the band Arcade Fire. Our reasoning was that they had been responsible for commissioning some of the most forward-thinking work of the year. Our choice this year is a much larger organisation, but our reasons are similar


January’s best work includes Thunderbid stamps, the most amazing beat box video ever, a calendar of endangered species, and the future of Mexico City


February’s best work includes an app designed to stop time-wasting in meetings, Darth Vader using the force, and 10,000 unique digital prints


March’s best work includes a new quarterly men’s magazine, a title sequence made on the beach, and Google’s phonetic advertising


April’s best work includes a living installation, a billboard powered by oranges, Land Rover passport stamps and a Royal Wedding spoof


June’s best work includes a build-your-own album, a ticket machine that prints out comments, and Giles Revell’s beautiful promo film for the BBC