Back Market’s sassy ads ask if we really need the latest tech

The refurbished tech marketplace points out that you probably won’t put your fancy phone camera through its paces – so you probably don’t need the fanciest camera tech, either

Image from Back Market's campaign showing a picture of a camera roll filled with near identical photos of a frothy coffee, and the headline 'Trust us, last year's phone will do' on a maroon background

Back Market is a marketplace for refurbished tech that aims to reduce the amount of products we waste. The brand has launched a new campaign that looks at the realities behind our glossy purchase decisions – namely, that very few people who buy smartphones actually make the most of the camera tech they’re paying for (and the perfectly good phones they’re getting rid of in the process).

The print ads feature screenshots of camera rolls filled with near-identical photos of dogs, coffees, plane wings, and selfies, and come with the sassy, straight-talking headline: ‘Trust us, last year’s phone will do.’

The campaign sits in stark contrast to the aspirational ads put out by global consumer tech giants such as Apple to sell their devices year in, year out.

“Every year, tech companies put out a new model of their flagship phones, with specs that are only slightly better than the ones from the year before,” explains Gabriel Mattar, the Europe CCO of Innocean Berlin – the agency behind the campaign. “But is it really worth the upgrade? Let’s just look at our camera rolls for a second. For 99% of the pictures we take, an older phone would get the job done just as well.”

Agency: Innocean Berlin
CCO Europe: Gabriel Mattar
ECD: Ricardo Wolff
Creative Directors: Pedro Lourenco, José Filipe Gomes
Creatives: Pedro Lourenco, José Filipe Gomes, Stefano de Luccia
Photographers: Sandra Spina, Shelley Lui, Minji Park, Zé Anderson