Badal Patel on setting up her own design studio

The US-based creative talks about how setting up Super Spicy Studio has impacted her personal life and what she’s learned about different ways of working

When setting up a new design studio, it can be hard to imagine how it will fit into the abundance of other studios out there, both established and fledgling. One way to ensure success is to plan for every eventuality, but for some the whole thing can happen by accident.

The process of Badal Patel setting up her “small yet seasoned” practice, Super Spicy Studio, was an organic process. “I quit my agency job because I was burned out and wanted to give freelancing a shot,” she tells CR. “That turned into taking on my own clients and essentially running a studio. There was no going back from there.”

Top: Kolkata Chai branding. Above: Poster for Super Spicy Studio. All images: Super Spicy Studio