Bambino Mio’s new identity champions reusable nappies

Working with Big Fish and Studio Davis, the UK nappy brand has refreshed its appearance and reworked its physical product

Bambino Mio, the world’s leading reusable nappy brand, has partnered with design agency Big Fish for a new identity that “empowers parents and tackles the climate crisis head-on”.

Since being founded in the UK in 1997, Bambino Mio has expanded to over 50 countries worldwide and has stopped more than two billion single-use disposable nappies from going to landfill.

“Babies don’t care about the planet … yet,” says Bambino Mio founder Guy Schanschieff. “But with 250 million single-use nappies being thrown away every day globally, the future we’re making for them is getting messier by the minute.”

Looking to refresh its branding and bolster its mission in tackling this monumental issue, the company looked to Big Fish for some creative inspiration.

The agency responded by “injecting a pop of colour into a sea of neutral nappies” through a reimagined nappy design that features bold hues and childish doodles and stickers.

The brand itself also received an update, with a simple yet effective new logo containing a hidden bum that hints at the core product.

Playful “stamp-like and scribble-like” fonts have also been introduced to emphasise Bambino Mio’s rebellious ethos, with the latter, titled Little Rebel, balancing out a new tone of voice that is simple yet serious.

Elsewhere, a bold colour palette of purple, blue, yellow, white, green and orange helps to draw attention to the product and brand communications.

“We can’t expect exhausted, overloaded parents to give up disposables at the drop of a hat, but reusable nappies have been limited to the eco-conscious few for too long,” says Chloé Templeman, executive creative director at Big Fish. “By starting from the bottom up, we want to provide parents with a reason to ditch disposables and make a difference to their baby’s future.”

Alongside the rebrand, Bambino Mio has also undergone a physical update for its nappies in a collaboration between Big Fish and 3D packaging experts Studio Davis, who have reworked the structural pack design for the product.

As a result, Bambino Mio nappies, and their packaging, now feature a better and more efficient modular design as well as less plastic used throughout.;