Graphic shows a Bang & Olufsen digital avatar with a pink abstract body against an orange and pink gradient background

Bang & Olufsen heads in a vivid new direction

The Danish brand has been developing audio technology for nearly a century, but younger audiences have been slipping away. We speak to creative director Paul Collins about creating a new campaign that brings the heritage brand into the future

Founded in Struer, Denmark, in 1925, Bang & Olufsen has steadily remained a reliable, quality player in the audiovisual space. Yet over time, the brand became aware of an insight that could one day pose an existential threat. Brand awareness was dropping off when it came to Gen Z, explains creative director Paul Collins. “Our audiences are skewing very much towards Baby Boomers and Gen X, and we sort of missed a couple of generations.”

The brand’s new campaign, See Yourself in Sound, created by Hello Monday/Dept, is key to its mission to boost visibility among younger generations and cultivate a different kind of relationship with an audience believed to value experiences over materialism. The interactive campaign revolves around avatars that visualise people’s music tastes, tapping into the success of gaming and the metaverse. “Obviously avatars are a really, really good way of looking at self-expression,” says Collins.

Graphic shows a Bang & Olufsen digital avatar made out of blue bubble shapes