Banjo Music identity by TwoPoints.Net

Barcelona-based design studio TwoPoints.Net has rebranded local music production company, Banjo Music

“Banjo’s potential clients in the creative sector receive hundreds of showreels a month and so it’s a hard task not to be overlooked in such a competitive environ­ment,” says TwoPoints.Net’s Martin Lorenz. “The identity had to be visually exciting, but at the same time retain a formal simplicity in order to establish an easy to recognise visual language,” he claims.

The resulting identity – which has been applied to letterheads, stickers, cd packs, business cards, posters and wallpaper – is the fruition of, Lorenz’s partner Lupi Asensio explains, researching and experiment-­
ing with elements of modern musical notation methods. “It’s a result of playing around with the grid of the Roman Capitalis from around 600 bc and combining it with elements of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s 1963 music notation system,” she tells us. “This visual system
can create lots of different graphics, that we will keep exploring as we continue to produce work for Banjo over the next few years.”

Shown here are some of the cd covers Banjo send out demos and other materials in. Two­Points.Net persuaded them that existing clients could be sent cds in a simple printed case, but potential clients could be sent discs in more lavish, impressive and tactile packs.

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