Barbour’s festive ad stars a wax jacket-wearing Father Christmas

The clothing brand has continued its tradition of paying homage to Raymond Briggs’ classic books and animations in its new spot, which is also helmed by his 1991 film’s original director Dave Unwin

As far as festive TV traditions go, Raymond Briggs’ classic animated films are obligatory viewing in most Christmas-loving households.

It’s unsurprising that the author’s hugely popular children’s books and animations have been coopted by brands for their own purposes over the years, including Irn Bru’s animated homage to the Snowman, and even KFC Japan’s attempt to get in on the action.

The last couple of years have seen Barbour take a more conventional approach to paying homage to Briggs’ books, with its most recent ads offering a glimpse into the life of Billy (the boy from The Snowman) as a fully grown adult.

This year, Barbour has turned its attention to one of Briggs’ other popular characters, Father Christmas, also enlisting the help of the director of the original film, Dave Unwin.

Coinciding with the brand’s 125th birthday, the spot flashes back to 1894 when Father Christmas was a gifted a shiny new wax jacket by Mrs C to replace his more traditional but well-worn red and white number.

Fast-forward to 2019, and despite picking up a few scuffs and scrapes over the decades, the wardrobe staple is still serving Father Christmas well.

Along with ticking the sentimentality box that often seperates the good Christmas ads from the bad ones, the spot is also a clever nod to the eco-credentials of Barbour’s classic design at a time when more people are becoming conscious of having a sustainable Christmas.

Agency: Thinking Juice
Animation: Illuminated Films
Director: Dave Unwin
Art Director: Loraine Marshall