Barcelona: A Guide by TwoPoints.Net

This issue of Monograph is, we hope, the first of many which take a fresh approach to the publication. In order to refresh the concept, we are going to ask designers and creatives in cities around the world to curate a kind of ‘creative guide’ to their city, picking out what they feel are the practitioners and work that are the most significant at the present time. For our first such guide we invited the Barcelona studio TwoPoints.Net to put together a snapshot of the most exciting work from their city. Our thanks to them.

‘Barcelona, City of Design’ is a phrase often used to promote the city of Barcelona. It’s true that Barcelona has a very high density of designers. Every year around 500 of them graduate from our seven different design schools. And, being an attractive place to live, many very talented foreign designers choose Barcelona as their base too. But all that glitters is not gold. Competition is tough, the crisis is affecting the local cultural industry and, even more importantly, clients are afraid to take risks. But we appreciate when our colleagues fight to get through a brilliant design. The selections we have made here aren’t just nice design works, they represent individuals that try to push the quality of design in the city day by day and make the empty marketing phrase ‘Barcelona, City of Design’ a reality.

We became aware of Ana Domínguez (Barcelona, 1983) through her installations for Apartamento Magazine. Later we found out that she worked for known design studios like Astrid Stavro and Bis. She just recently started to work on her own (photography shown above). We are sure she will become an important part of Barcelona‘s design scene.

Directors: Nacho Alegre & Omar Sosa

Apartamento magazine intimately portrays the lives and homes of creatives in their personal environment. It’s a logical result of the post-materialist mind-shift; people are bored with the ostentatious and über-marketing. There is a real quest for identity in the midst of mass production and globalisation. That quest leads to what is personal, what is natural, what is real.

Amb Pamuk per Istanbul

We happen to live just beside the Palau Robert, a former private residence of a Girona aristocrat that nowadays holds cultural exhibitions. Naturally we visit often. So this is how we got in contact with the work of Artofmany, the designers of the Amb Pamuk per Istanbul exhibition at the Palau Robert. Artofmany is Gemma Villegas, Vellut, Laura Tatché, Txema Hernández, Luisa Castelli, Artur Muñoz, a network of collaborators from different fields supervised by Jofre Sanfeliu.


Bis was founded in 1997 by Alex Gifreu (Menorca, 1971) and Pere Alvaro (Palafrugell, 1967). Also known as –bisdixit–, which is their name for everything related to printed media, –bismedia– when related to new media, –cru– when related to editorial services or –bis3c33– when related to environmental design. Since 2008 Bis also work under -bisthink– as a consulting company in design and communication.

Brosmind City

We became aware of Brosmind when we saw their Nike Running stickers all over Barcelona in 2010. Juan (1978) and Alejandro (1981) were born in Huesca, Spain. As children, they spent their time drawing comics, building vehicles for their toys and making home movies with a domestic camcorder. In 2006 they got together again and founded Brosmind Studio.

de cap a peus alta
clase bcn

The name clase bcn is an abbreviation of its founder’s name Claret Serrahima. He has a wonderful, young and international design team working for him that lets the studio have a contemporaneous design output. The visual identity they developed for Arts Santa Mònica is one of finest design works in the last years in Barcelona.

The Hard Copy
Klas Ernflo

Klas Ernflo, born in Sweden, is one of the many foreigners that make the design landscape of Barcelona so rich. We were amazed when we saw his illustrations for the events in the city park Ciutadella. Klas’s work combines talent, experience, taste, creativity and lots of dedication. It stands out in a city where clients often don’t give you the time and trust to create something extraordinary.

Teatre CCCB

You might know Hey Studio since they started illustrating for Monocle. They are known for their clean and colourful illustrations but, hey, if you’ll pardon the pun, don’t make the mistake of thinking they are only illustrators. They also did several visual identities for local clients from the cultural sector. Today Hey consists of Verónica Fuerte (Creative Director), Ricardo Jorge (Senior Designer), Elisenda Monté (Designer) and Mikel Romero (Intern).

Empo—Polyhedral Typeface

Lo Siento is the design studio of Borja Martínez. Having studied industrial and graphic design he always brings a physical and material approach to graphic solutions. The Lo Siento team consists of five people: Borja Martinez, creative director; Gerard Miró, artisan and 3D paper type generator; Rocio Hidalgo, studio manager; Roger Gonzalez, middleweight designer, and Cristina Vidal, junior designer. Besides commissioned work, Lo Siento also carries out self-initiated projects.

Banco Sabadell Open
Mario Eskenazi

Walking through Barcelona is like walking through the portfolio of Mario Eskenazi. The cleaning service of Barcelona, Banco Sabadell, several restaurants and hotels, all wear visual identities by Eskenazi. Even though Mario opened his own design studio in 1979, he is still sitting behind his computer, working day by day with the same unbowed pleasure for design. As our offices are very close by and we share the same favorite café, we often meet and enjoy complaining about our profession. 😉

Irrational Alphabet
Martin Allais

Martin Allais was born in Venezuela, but moved in 2004 to Barcelona. He is a very good friend of ours and was a huge help when we edited the book latino—grafico. He made a name for himself as a VJ for musicians like Kid Koala, Edan, Cut Chemist, Digable Planets, Madlib, Prefuse 73, De La Soul, Buck 65, Beans, Lychee Lassy, among others and as one of the founders of No-Domain, an agency in Barcelona that did a lot of VJ performances for the Sonar Festival and motion design for commercials. He is now on his own, working as a director for commercials, music videos and short movies, but still does illustrations and installations as well.

Plant Journal
Isla Merino and Carol Montpart

Barcelona is becoming a city with a remarkable number of innovative international magazines. One of them is The Plant Journal. It is run by Isa Merino and Carol Montpart (graphic designer and art direction) and Cristina Merino (Editor). Besides providing botanical contents in a simple, personal and familiar way, The Plant Journal offers plant lovers a new look at greenery by featuring the works of many creative people who share their love for plants.

Solid as a Rocky!
Ricardo Leite

We met Ricardo Leite when he was still an assistant of Martin Allais. We loved his work, so we hired him immediately to illustrate one of the visual essays of the architecture magazine Quaderns. He is one of these young creatives who use any tool, analogue or digital, with great ease, from hand-drawn illustration to Processing-driven motion graphics. He lives between Barcelona and Portugal.

We are TwoPoints.Net — Barcelona, Berlin, specialising in editorial projects and flexible visual identities. When we founded TwoPoints.Net in 2007 our aim was to do exceptional design work. Work that is tailored to our clients’ needs, work that excites our clients’ customers, work that hasn’t been done before, work that does more than work. In the last five years we have evolved. Now we are authors of design books, directors of a postgraduate degree, teachers, we organise lectures, work on our dissertations and have two beautiful kids.


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