Battles joins forces with artist Ben Jones to create a new film for Channel 4’s Random Acts series

Battles has released a video for album track Dot Net, created by artist Ben Jones. The film is the first part of a new Warp Arts series for Channel 4’s arts strand Random Acts, which will feature collaborations between filmmakers and Warp artists.

The Battles’ track is set to a film that explores our complex relationship with technology and smart devices while also featuring some weird and wonderful animation. “Ben Jones and I went to Massachusetts College of Art together in the 90s and I’ve been a huge fan of his work as both a solo artist and a member of [art collective] Paper Rad ever since,” says Battles’ Dave Konopka.

“When Channel 4 approached us about a collaboration with a visual artist, Ben immediately came to mind because I have always thought that there would be a great synthesis of Ben’s experimental animation and Battles’ technicolour sounds – a joining of two forms that I have been wanting to make happen for years.”


“As luck would have it, Konopka continues, “when I reached out to Ben to see if he would be interested in collaborating, he had just finished installing a new solo show of some outstanding new work, which is featured throughout the Dot Net video. Through his incorporation of a live-action gallery scene intercut with his authentically one-of-a-kind animation, Ben made a video for Dot Net that is one of my favorite Battles video collaborations and an absolute joy to watch over and over again.”

Channel 4 has commissioned a series of videos from Warp for its Random Acts strand, which features three-minute-long films chosen for their bold expression of creativity. The Warp films will be shown together in a half-hour programme broadcast on Channel 4 in the new year. Alongside Battles, collaborations with Darkstar, Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke will also form part of the series.

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