BBC Bitesize: Don’t Learn Off Randoms campaign

Entrant: BBC Creative; Category: In-house Campaigns

Don’t Learn Off Randoms was created to encourage GCSE students to use BBC Bitesize to help revise, instead of websites like YouTube and Wikipedia, where information can be contributed by anyone and is not necessarily accurate.

The witty campaign intended to disrupt scrolling students and make them question who they were learning from in the run-up to exams. It reached 90% of the target audience of 15- to 17-year-olds and attracted 23% new users to BBC Bitesize.

Agency: BBC Creative
ECD: Rasmus Smith Bech
Head of Production: James Wood
Creative Director: Mark Williams
Creatives: Steve Lownes, Aron Sidhu
Producer: Ivana Bohuslavova
Project Manager: Matt Totterdell
Production Manager: Jess Greshoff
Head of Planning: Rhonwen Lally
Senior Designer: Josh Moore
Design (Static): Tom Heath
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Bine Bach
Producer: Adam Oyejobi
Managing Director: Rupert Reynolds-MacLean