BBC’s new campaign delivers unexpected endings

The broadcaster leans on the power of its programming to highlight its wider offering, with the help of some playful editing

BBC’s new campaign, Not Just Telly, bring characters from well-known TV programmes a little more into the real world by showing them using the BBC’s very own products.

The series of ads feature original scenes taken from dramas such as Happy Valley, Line of Duty, and Eastenders. However, the endings have been switched to make it seem as though that the revelations that have angered, puzzled, or pleased the characters are thanks to BBC products like Weather or Sport.

Hey Duggee characters are shown brushing up on economics, for example, while the truth is finally discovered in Baptiste: that Harry Kane has signed for Bayern Munich.

The campaign cleverly draws on the language of memes, lifting moments from one context and dropping them into another for comedy effect, and manages to promote both BBC programming and its wider offering at the same time.

The delightful clash between suspense and everyday moments – be it checking the weather or listening to the radio – makes for enjoyable viewing, and feels particularly playful coming from the public service broadcaster.

Agency: BBC Creative
ECD: Rasmus Smith Bech

Creative Director: Susan Ayton
Creatives: Alysha Radia, Holly Nash