Still from the BBC Eurovision 2023 ad showing a person wearing a button-up shirt and gold glittery shorts holding a pool cue in a darkened empty pool bar

Bring out the glam, says BBC’s new Eurovision ad

The countdown to Eurovision begins with a new BBC spot, which celebrates the lengths people go to for an epic watch party

The BBC is kicking off its campaign to promote its coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest, which is taking place in Liverpool this May. The new spot celebrates how audiences can get stuck in from their own homes with watch parties, inviting us to “bring out the glam, the fierce, the buffet”.

Created by BBC Creative, the spot features cameos of TV personalities Graham Norton and Rylan – both in the line-up of presenters – as well as Eurovision fan Nigella Lawson and The Vivienne, the inaugural winner of Drag Race UK.

It’s set to Gina G’s Ooh Aah … Just a Little Bit, which, despite only coming in 8th place for the UK in the 1996 contest, has become a bonafide classic. Altogether, the ad is joyfully over the top, from the editing style to the singing fish plaque to the pastel-hued outfits made out of petit fours.

The 2023 event is being held in the UK on behalf of Ukraine, which, as the previous winner, would have ordinarily hosted this year’s contest. The spot includes nods to the would-be host nation in the form of flags and Ukrainian phrases.

Still from the BBC Eurovision 2023 ad showing two people wearing boxy dresses in the shape of petit-fours with macarons in the background as set dressing
Still from the BBC Eurovision 2023 ad showing TV presenter Rylan holding a nail file while sat at a beauty station
Still from BBC Eurovision 2023 ad showing a person running down a street pushing a trolley

It also includes glimpses of the 2023 Eurovision branding developed by Superunion and Starlight Creative, which revolves around a ‘heartbeat soundwave’ graphic. “The idea of 160 million heartbeats beating as one is a really powerful, simple thought. That led us to the idea of a soundwave constructed of many hearts that pulse as one,” explained Superunion ECD Stuart Radford.

Agency: BBC Creative
ECD: Rasmus Smith Bech
Creative director: Susan Ayton
Creatives: Paul Bailey, Russell Hendrie
Production company: Outsider
Director: Chris Balmond