BBC: I May Destroy You digital zine and exhibition

Category: Experiential; Entered by: BBC Creative

In June 2020, Michaela Coel’s powerful series about sexual assault, I May Destroy You, aired on BBC One. The show immediately sparked wide-ranging discussion about consent and inspired many people to share stories of their own experiences. 

In order to continue the conversation, particularly among the hard-to-reach audience of 16- to 25-year-olds, BBC Creative partnered with publications The Face and gal-dem to collaborate on a digital zine.

The zine featured intimate articles exploring sex and consent, and also contemplated the role that gender, race and sexuality played within these topics. 

Included was an A-Z glossary defining sexual consent, plus the zine was also accompanied by an extensive resource list. In addition, the team built a digital gallery space, linked from the zine. This included clips from the series, plus three exhibition rooms which featured messages about consent sparked by I May Destroy You. 

Agency: BBC Creative
ECD: Helen Rhodes
Creative Director: Susan Ayton
Creatives: Lisa Turner-Wray, Yemi Oyefuwa
Head of Planning: Mike Lean

Head of Production: James Woods
Senior Planner: Rosanagh Ker
Project Manager: Jenna Harrington
Producer: Elly Hopwood
Marketing, BBC: Harriet Gunning, Sian Gray, Chris Hooper
Senior Designer: Johnny Ace
Designers: George Fletcher, Ella Harrington
Design Traffic Manager: Rachael Hinge