BBC: Not Just Telly commercial

Entrant: BBC Creative; Category: Commercials

The idea behind Not Just Telly was to use clips from the BBC’s much-loved TV shows to demonstrate the breadth of what the BBC offers beyond television. The campaign was created in response to competition from streaming giants, amid concerns that the BBC was being taken for granted by audiences and fading into the background of many people’s lives.

The brief was to get people to reconsider how much the BBC offers them, by repositioning it as a vast and varied set of services. Using iconic clips from BBC shows, each scene starts as expected, before being interrupted by an unexpected BBC service. By contrasting the original scene’s tone with an out-of-context service, the ads land a simple message in an entertaining way.

ECD: Rasmus Smith Bech
Head of Production: James Wood
Creative Director: Susan Ayton
Creatives: Holly Nash, Alysha Radia
Producer: Holly Marsella
Head of Planning: Rhonwen Lally
Production Manager: Emi Bozzi
Head of Project Management: Louis Cubbon
Editor: Paul Callaghan
Researchers: Ed Hobson, Anneka Harry, Caleb King
Senior Designer: Victoria Stout
Designer: Martin Falconer