BBC One Christmas ad focuses on the importance of spending time with family

This year’s BBC One Christmas film addresses the pressures of modern family life and emphasises Christmas as a time for togetherness

Last year, the Beeb scored a hit with its hugely popular Christmas film The Supporting Act, a charming piece of animation that told the tale of a father and daughter and the juggles of work, school and parenting. This year’s film tackles a similar subject, though in a very different style. The two-minute short follows the story of a teenager and his busy mother, who are struggling to find time to connect.

But suddenly, in a moment of Christmas magic, time simply stops around them, allowing for a memorable afternoon together. The message in the film is simple: when you do manage to get time with loved ones, make the most of it.

Created by BBC Creative, the BBC’s in-house agency, the film feels unusual in its focus on a teen. All too often, Christmas ads picture the festive season from the perspective of young children. Teens are less cutesy, but the decision to focus on the often difficult relationship between an adolescent and his parents gives the ad added emotional depth.

And while the film does follow the Christmas tradition of a rather weepy, emotional soundtrack (performed here by Emmy The Great), the interesting special effects introduced by director Sam Brown set the film apart too.

Agency: BBC Creative
ECDs: Laurent Simon, Justin Bairamian
Creatives: Edward Usher, Xander Hart
Production company: Rogue Films
Director: Sam Brown